How to Apply Human Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are non-permanent alternative of hair extensions. Clip in extensions can add lenght and volume to your whenever you want. Clip ins are perfect hair extensions for those of you who are new in the world of extensions. Another grat advantage of this type of extensions is their affordable price and that the care is not complicated.

The application of the clip in hair extensions is really simple. Everything you need to succesfully apply your clip in wefts is a rat-tail comb and a few larger hair clips. It will only take a few minutes to elevate your style and everyday look to a new level.

1. Start by brushing your own hair with a brush. Be gente and slowly detangle you hair. You can do the same with your clip in wefts.

2. Section your hair using the rat-tail brush. Make a horizontal line accross your scalp.

3. Position the wefts. Start with the largest one (4 clips) which belongs to the back of your head and then move to the front parts with smaller wefts. Always attach the clip in the middle of the weft first. Repeat until all your wefts are in place.

4. Blend the wefts with your hair. You can use brush, curling iron or straightener and other types of styling.

Do not stress if your wefts are not in the best position after your first application. Good things take time and in a few more tries, you will know exactly where and how to put on the extensions. The best feature of the clip in method is, after all, the fact that they are non-permanent. You can always take them off and apply them again to the point where you are satisfied with your new look.


Clip in hair application 

Clip In Bangs

Clip in Bangs are a great opportunity to try how would you look like with the bang or fringe without having to commit to it.

Since everyone has a different shape and size of their forehead you need to cut your clip in bang individualy (they come about 6" long). It is best to ask your hairstylist to do that for you as the right lenght of the bang is a checkpoint on halfway to success.

1. Back-comb (tease, rat) your own  hair where the clip will attach in the front area. Slide the clip under the back-combed hair and snap shut. Additional bobbie pins or toupee tape may be used to help secure piece if it feels loose. Most people find it stays quite well even with just one clip once the bangs are cut.

2. Make sure to clip the piece about 1 or 2 inches from the front hairline. The hair will be too long and hang into your face until it is cut the right length.

3. Resist the temptation to clip it back farther in order to "shorten" the bangs. This is incorrect and will make the bangs look thin and sparse.

4. Loosely hold hair and trim hair to length desired. Do not pull them down tight or they will be shorter than you want them when they bounce back up. Also, wet bangs will shrink when dry, so leave them longer than you think they should be.If you are unsure, have them cut by a professional stylist.

Fan out and style as you would your own bangs. Since the pieces are human hair, curling or flat irons, blow dryer, hair spray, etc. may be used.

Once they are cut to desired length, they are easy to reuse, over and over. It only takes a few seconds to clip them on and off.

Clip in bangs application


Micro ring/micro loop/easy ring/easy loop hair extensions

Here is a step by step guide on how to apply Easy Loop Micro Ring hair extensions:

1. Section your hair across the back using a comb ensuring you make a clean line. Clip your remaining hair up out of the way.

2. Take a small section of your natural hair (about the same amount as the hair on the loop strand) and twist it to make handling easier. Pick up an Easy Loop strand and place your natural hair through the white plastic loop.

3. Working close to the scalp, pull the plastic loop tab from the bottom and keep pulling until your natural hair is threaded through the micro bead. The white loop should now be completely free from the micro bead. We suggest keeping these in case you need to re-apply any of the strands at a later date.

4. Move the extension strand towards you scalp (not too close though, please leave enough to give a little free swing). Hold the extension hair downward, take a pair of pliers and clamp down very firmly on the micro bead. Make sure the bead lies flat against your head.

5. Complete the row, unclip your hair and make another section a little above the first. Clip up the hair again, and work on your second row. Remember to stay in a little all the way around the hairline. By doing this you will have enough natural hair left around the hair line to cover the micro beads should you wish to wear your hair up.

6. Continue inserting Easy Loop hair extensions in rows until you have put in enough extension strands to give you the look you are after.

Done! Beautiful long hair applied at home in one or two hours.

How to apply micro ring hair extension



Tape in/PU extensions/tape hair/hair talk hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions are famous for its sandwich method. With the sandwich method you take a section of your natural hair and apply one weft above it and one weft below it, effectively sandwiching your natural hair between the two wefts. This method is great for adding volume and can work out to be more longer lasting but it can be slightly tricky to get the application just right.

Tape hair application  


Nail tip hair extension

1. Always wash your hair before you start, but do not use conditioner as the extensions will not adhere properly if your hair is too slippery.

2.Take a small section of your own hair about the same size as the extension you are about to apply.

3. Wrap the glue tip of the pre bonded extension around this section of hair around 1cm away from the scalp and apply heat for a few seconds.

4. Roll the heated glue tip between your fingers to make a smooth strong rice shaped bond.

5.Continue working in rows to complete your desired style.

6.Remember to work in a brick work (staggered) fashion on the rows to create a more natural lay to the hair. Remember also not to use conditioner or hair serums before applying hair extensions.

Nail hair extension application 1 Nail hair extension application 2 Nail hair extension application 3 Nail hair extension application 4

Clip in ponytails / wraps

The application of the clip in ponytail takes just about 2 minutes and you can do it all alone without someone's help.

It's basically a strip of hair sewn together. In their upper part is a small "clip", which is inserted into your short ponytail. eparate long thin strip of hair, which you wrap aroundyour small ponytail and easily secure with a clasp. This kind of hairstyle perfectly holds all day long without need of any adjustments.