Terms of Use of Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com Services

The following "Privacy Policy" guidelines have been developed to ensure security during the use of the Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com online store, located at www.hair-extensions-hotstyle.com, registered office: Sibiřská 55, 62100 Brno. The decision to review, use of service options, and benefits deriving from its scope means consent to the "Privacy Policy". If any of the "Privacy Policy" items are inconsistent with the will of the user, they should leave this online store immediately and stop using the services of this online store too.
For each Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com user, the "Privacy Policy" applies at the moment of using the services of the shop.
Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com reserves the right to make changes to the provisions of the "Privacy Policy" without need to inform customers of the online store about this change in advance. However, this does not affect the basic rule: we do not sell and disclose personal or business user data to third parties. The task of the operator is to ensure the highest level of protection of personal data. The only case in which we are required to provide information to a third party is a request from a court, prosecutor, police or other legal authorities.

For what reason, purpose and how long time are user information collected and processed?

In addition to the purposes stated in the "Terms and Conditions" of the Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com Online Store, the operator collects and processes user information, including personal data, for the following purposes:

  1. 1. Processing and responding to requests, comments or complaints made by the user
  2. 2. Personalization of the Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com website, which is visited or used by individual users
  3. 3. Verification and identification of access to individual Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com site content, prevention of problems that may occur in the operation of the Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com online store.
  4. 4. Sending of commercial messages to users through electronic communication about the products, services and actions of the internet shop Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com or the actions of its business partners, in accordance with Act No. 480/2004 Coll.,  certain information society services and on the amendment of some laws.

The user gives his / her consent to the personal data controller, ie the operator, to collect and process such personal data for the purposes set out both in the "Terms of Business" of Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com and the purposes set forth in this paragraph (hereinafter referred to as "purposes" and for the time necessary for the said purposes, respectively. for a period of time until written consent to processing and collection sent to the address of the operator: Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com, with registered office at Sibiřská 55, 621 00 Brno, Czech Republic or at info@hair-extensions-hotstyle.com.

Personal data

The user remains anonymous in making the first purchase, signing up for an electronic newsletter or filling in a contact form on the store's website. In these cases, it is required to enter (by electronic or any other means) certain telephone and address data that are then forwarded to the system. Until now, the data collected is standard data from the server logs as the user's computer's IP address, the date and time of the visit, or the products viewed. This information is collected by the store manager for statistical purposes, which in no way compromises the security of the user's privacy. The statistical lists do not contain personal data to identify individual users.
By executing the purchase at Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com and at the same time by registering in the shop, the purchaser agrees to collect and manage personal data within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000 Coll., As amended. Of course, this information serves solely for the purpose of executing the order, including issuing a sales receipt (tax document or invoice) and shipping products. In connection with this, Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com has the right to access the collected data to its business partners in order to execute the order quickly (for the purpose of the carrier).
Only with customer consent can their data be used for marketing purposes.
Each user who puts his / her data has an unlimited opportunity to view, view, and delete them.
For these purposes only Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com employees have access to the personal data of the customers of the shop. These people are committed to keeping secrets and preventing unauthorized access to data.

Execution of orders in the Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com e-shop

An order entered in the Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com store will be executed if the following conditions are met:

  1. Name and surname or company name
  2. Company identification (if required)
  3. Delivery Address / Invoice Address
  4. Email address
  5. Phone number

These data are necessary for a correct and complete purchasing process and will facilitate quick and convenient support for each user. Failure to provide any of the required data will make the order impossible.
Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com reserves the right to send customers / users a message confirming the stages of the order execution. In exceptional situations, contact users in matters relating only to the order made.

Practical remarks about the use of the internet shop Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com

If the user uses one computer together with other persons after termination of the Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com internet shop services requiring login, it is always necessary to log out of the user's account in order to prevent the user from viewing, using or modifying the content, information or data on the user unauthorized persons. The personally identifiable information and information provided by the user is only known to users and operators and persons cooperating with him during the registration on the site, who are required to keep this information secret. The operator is responsible for their activities as their own. The user is prohibited from publishing advertisements, offers or other content on the Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com website, which is also accessible to other users. In the event of a breach of the prohibition under the preceding sentence, the operator shall not disclose such content unless it is necessary for the entities that have the right to make such disclosure under generally valid legal regulations.
The user is obliged to proceed in such a way that his / her personal data, in particular access to the user's account, is not made available to unauthorized persons.
The user is entitled to contact the operator with opinions, comments, or questions regarding the retention of personal information and information by using the contact form or by post to:

Sibiřská 55
621 00 Brno


By agreeing during registration at the store or later when subscribing to newsletters, Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com reserves the right to occasionally send information about news, events, sales, competitions, events or any other information related to the scope of the business.
Subscriptions can be canceled at any time by the user. This opt-out is not the same as deleting an account at Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com.

Shop Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com reserves the right:

  1. Send advertisements and business information via the newsletter - for technical reasons, temporarily turn off the newsletter service
  2. Stop providing a newsletter service without giving any reason for prior notification to users of this service
  3. Remove the account whose user violated the "Terms of Business" of the Hair-extensions-hotstyle.com internet shop