How to revive your hair extensions

Are your hairpieces no longer as beautiful as they used to be? Does your hair look tired from daily styling and stress? Are they without shine? Do they have dry ends? In this article, we would like to present  instructions on how to restore your hair to its shine and healthy appearance with just a few simple steps.

To revitalize your hair, you'll need shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, liquid hair silk, Tangle Teezer or wide-tooth comb, and heat protectant. We recommend always using quality professional cosmetics, designed to deliver hydration.

1.) Fill a sink or container with hot water and add shampoo. Mix the shampoo thoroughly in the water.

water with shampoo

2.) Now you can move on to washing your hair. Carefully put the hair in water (each strip separately) and gently wash it by hand. Be careful not to tangle your hair smell unnecessarily in the water. Gently remove dirt, dust and styling products from your hair. After washing all the strips, you can proceed to the application of the conditioner.

conditioner and hair silk

3.) Fill a sink with boiling water and add two tablespoons of conditioner to the water. Then add a drop of liquid hair silk to the water to add even more hydration. Mix ale the hair care in water and then immerse your hair extensions in the water (you can do all the strands at once). Insert the hair really carefully to avoid tangling and make sure all parts of the hair extensions are underwater. Then leave the hair in the bath for 10 minutes.
4.) After 10 minutes, carefully remove the hair from the bath and place the individual strips next to each other on a dry towel.
5.) Now apply a hair mask to each strip. After applying the mask, let your hair rest on a towel for 30 minutes.

hair with mask

6.) After the specified time has passed, run cold water into the sink (cold water will help seal the hair cuticle tightly and lock in all the hydration inside the hair fiber at the same time). Wash the hair extensions individually in water, again, be careful not to tangle the hair in water.
7.) After washing, you can place the strips next to each other again on a towel. You can now carefully comb the individual strands using a Tangle Teezer or a wide-toothed brush. When combing, start at the ends and gradually work your way towards the roots, thus avoiding unnecessary damage to the hair fibers.
8.) After combing, you can apply a drop of liquid hair silk to your hair for extra hydration. Then let the hair dry on a towel overnight.
9.) After drying, apply a heat protection spray to the hair and iron the individual strips (ironing will help to lock the final hydration with silicone in the hair fiber and will also smooth and smooth the hair fibers beautifully).

hair after reviving

If you follow this guide, your hair will be beautifully shiny, hydrated and full of life. By reviving your hairpieces from time to time, you will lighten your wallet and significantly extend the life of your hairpieces.